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About Us


Chamber Music Tulsa presents truly unforgettable concerts along with opportunities to greet our guest musicians. Our artists are in Tulsa for an entire weekend, engaging with listeners and participating in outreach events in the schools and in the community. Join us for our 70th season of memorable and enjoyable concert experiences!

Established in 1954, Chamber Music Tulsa is committed to presenting world-renowned and emerging young chamber ensembles. The organization also is deeply devoted to music education for our audiences, our patrons, and our community.

“Chamber music is music for small ensembles in which players perform one to a part. At the heart of this art form is a spirit of collaboration. Democratic in essence, chamber music demands that each individual engage in a close musical dialog with the other performers. Their collective musical instinct and talent guide the process of interpreting and performing.”

— Chamber Music America.

There is nothing quite so extraordinary as hearing chamber music live in an intimate setting.

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission Statement

Our mission is to share the experience of chamber music through live performance and community engagement.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is:

  • To make chamber music widely accessible in Tulsa.

  • To present compelling performances by professional ensembles.

  • To invest in the future of the art form by commissioning new music.

Values Statement


Chamber Music Tulsa strives to make possible the transformative experience of chamber music played live by the world's finest musicians. Therefore, Chamber Music Tulsa values: 


EXCELLENCE in our operations, concerts, and educational offerings. 


COLLABORATION among the board, committee members, and staff, and with individuals, organizations, and institutions in the community and around the world. 


STEWARDSHIP to protect and nurture our talent and treasure. 


INCLUSION and ACCESSIBILITY for the communities we serve, our audience, our artists, our supporters, and our staff.


TRADITION, which keeps us grounded, and 


INNOVATION, which pushes us to ever-greater heights.

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