Board of Directors

We are grateful to the following community leaders who serve on our Board of Directors.

Executive Committee
Jane Mudgett, President
Cherie Hughes, Vice President
Mary McIlhany, Secretary
Kym Morella, Treasurer
Allen Keenan, Past President

Board of Directors
Michael Blechner
Rolf Blom
Pam Carter
Houston Conner
Cheryl Cornelius-Ochs
Bob Donaldson
Noam Faingold
Claire Farr
Rich Fisher
Linda Frazier
Earl Funk
Kathleen Gerety
Monica Henning, TYPros Intern
Frankie James
Lydia Kronfeld
Beth Rainey
Susan Swatek
Emily Wood

Chamber Music Tulsa is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, a member of Chamber Music America and the Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa.