Cheers to Baroque Dance Music and Overtone Singing!

Our 59th season has officially opened, and we had a great and wonderful weekend of events with Chatham Baroque! Hearing the fascinating, sweet sounds of these instruments was such a treat. Those in attendance on Saturday at the Salon concert heard how important dance is to music from the Baroque period. All those percussion instruments made for a lively evening! I loved when Danny, the percussionist, strapped instruments to his feet, a la Dick Van Dyke and his one-man band.

On Sunday’s performance, many loved the Handel that closed the program. Certainly, it was the most familiar sounding to our ears, having been accustomed to hearing his music, particularly through the pervasive influence of ‘Messiah’. For me, the highlight was Purcell’s Sonata in G minor. Oh, the pleasing crunch and plangency of his harmonies. We just don’t get to hear this music frequently enough, and its haunting beauty moved me.

On Monday morning at the school performance, Danny demonstrated something entirely new to me, and that was overtone singing. In the reverberant space of Holy Family Cathedral, it was entrancing. The drone note below and the whistling effect up high from the overtones sent chills up the spine. Wow! Many thanks to our new friends from Chatham Baroque, Patty, Scott, Andrew, Julie, and Danny for a wonderful weekend!

We are quickly putting everything in motion for Tokyo String Quartet’s appearance this month. After 43 seasons, they will pass into history next summer, performing at the very top of their game. If you don’t have tickets, order now, because this is something you will talk about the rest of your life.


CMT Executived Director Bruce Sorrell

CMT Executived Director Bruce Sorrell