CMT’s Pam Carter Wins Leadership Tulsa ‘Paragon’ Award

Pam Carter at Salon Concert

Pam Carter,
2012 Paragon Award Winner

On Thursday October 11, something rather remarkable occurred for Chamber Music Tulsa. In a room of 350 people, our nominee for a Leadership Tulsa ‘Paragon’ Award, Pam Carter, was recognized along with 17 other nominees. There were only three awards given and Pam received one of them. Her acceptance speech was superb, and the exposure CMT garnered from this event is stunning. Many thanks to board members Mary McIlhany and Kathy Gerety for helping write and edit the nomination narrative, part of which is excerpted below.

I can’t tell you what a huge thrill it was to be there and have CMT and Pam recognized so publicly. All three winners were honored by a $3,000 check for their nominating agency. CMT will use that toward education and outreach events on our schedule this year.

This award recognizes not just Pam Carter’s devotion and hard work, but the passion each of our board members and volunteers brings to Chamber Music Tulsa. Thank you, all!!

Excerpts from Nomination of Pam Carter:

Pam Carter had a vision for Chamber Music Tulsa. She saw its potential to be an essential element of an arts-rich Tulsa community and to be acknowledged nationally and internationally for professional and artistic excellence. During the past seven years she has devoted her enormous energy and diverse skills toward making that vision a reality. Through her dynamic, visionary, and consistent leadership, Chamber Music Tulsa is stronger and has a revitalized commitment to its mission as it enters its 60th season in 2013-2014.

From Bruce Sorrell, Executive Director: As the new executive director, I am keenly aware of the impact Pam Carter’s dynamic leadership has had on Chamber Music Tulsa. Pam is committed to thoughtful planning: she clearly articulated goals for each of her two years as president, which included hiring an executive director, and culminated with a professionally facilitated strategic planning process. She has inspired the board to bring their best to these tasks through her undaunted enthusiasm and willingness to work…

From Mary McIlhany, Past President, and Development Committee chair: I have known Pam personally for several decades, but in our work as volunteers for Chamber Music Tulsa I have come to know her in a more professional setting. She is truly a visionary leader. Since its founding in 1954, CMT has been a “Tulsa secret”, run conservatively by a small, dedicated group of chamber-music fans with the help of a single employee. …[CMT] has brought to Tulsa an impressive list of top-notch national and international ensembles…As a result [of Pam’s marketing efforts], CMT finished the last concert season with the highest attendance ever on Saturday nights, and with new volunteers, new supporters, and a committed and re-energized board of directors. Morale has never been higher!

From Kathleen Gerety, Program Committee chair and Executive Committee member: In my three years as a volunteer I have admired Pam’s consistent leadership in fostering an open, collaborative way to work – not unlike chamber music! …She helped everyone to appreciate their inter-related roles in running CMT and producing successful concert seasons. Despite her tremendous contributions of time and expertise she never sought credit for these accomplishments but regularly offered praise and encouragement to the board and other volunteers and urged all of us to act for the benefit of the whole organization.

Thanks to Pam Carter’s visionary, inspiring and effective leadership, Chamber Music Tulsa is confident, thriving and well positioned to continue presenting the world’s best chamber ensembles in concerts and education activities for decades to come. She has earned and deserves recognition by Leadership Tulsa as a Paragon of leadership and community service.